Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SΩ20 - Our Bodies Talk

The evolution of Society Ω and slack group has far exceeded my expectations!
Since April we’ve had a live session nearly every month with a diverse mix of topics.
What’s exciting is that over half of the 20 members have participated. To join our next lives session, feel free to ask for an invite on Twitter or LinkedIN.
Here are the topics we’ve covered so far:
  • Live #1 (April): Brainstorm Session
  • Live #2 (May): Entrepreneur Q&A
  • Live #3 (July): Languages
  • Live #4 (July): Time Management Q&A

For the third live session we discussed Languages. It started off with the discussion of how communication can be improved between cultures. The idea of using 'text to vector' translation was brought up. We also discussed ways of learning a language. If you’re learning a language, here is a proven method of doing so: The Lingu Leap. This evolved into a lively discussion of how body language plays a large role in communication. One question left unanswered was:

Are there universal body language cues or are they culturally dependent?

Now I’d like to take a closer look at body language. Research by Albert Mehrabian claims that communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and 7% verbal.  Now if this is true, what about our tech driven shift to text based communication? Based on this study it would seem like we can barely communicate via text. Most would agree we tend to communicate better by speaking face-to-face rather than text.  Yet I believe that this also depends on the type of message(s). The four-sided communication model says there are four parts to a message: factual, appeal, relationship, & personality.

My strong belief is that non-verbal communication often is vital for expressing emotions. Thus non-verbal communication is likely reflected in the personality and relationship parts of a message. A prime example is that lovers will express their feelings more through intimacy than verbally. Now think about having a heated disagreement via text versus a verbal one. Typically speaking, which one is more effective in reaching a resolution?

To put it simply, body language communicates who we are and what we are feeling. As we are emotional beings the importance of body language is evident. So next time you’re flirting or in an interview, just be aware of what your body is saying! With that I leave it with the following question;

How can text based communication be improved?

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