Sunday, April 19, 2015

SΩ8 - Exploring the Job Jungle

A new topic for me, yet one that most readers are familiar with: job searching. For over a year I’ve been job searching. While I’ve succeeded at freelancing, I’m still looking for the job that’s a ‘perfect’ fit. Here I give some insight into my job searching experience. In the future, I’ll write my ideas for improving the entire process! 

Problems and Suggestions
I believe most problems of the job searching process stem from the fact that it’s an imperfect puzzle. An employer searches for a ‘perfect’ candidate, which is near impossible to find. The employer must thus opt for the ‘best fit’. Here are a few problematic areas (left side) and suggestions to deal with each (right side).

Finding ‘The One’ 

Your Holy Document

Friendly Chat or Interrogation

Suggestions for the Job Post Factory
When looking through job posts, it seems most follow the same generic template:
  • Talk about how amazing the company is
  • List the tasks involved
  • List the requirements
  • List benefits and salary (sometimes)
Do these posts give a good idea of the job? I’d like some transparency and details of what the job truly is like. Perhaps a schedule of a typical workweek or for some jobs a video showing what the job and company is like. Better yet some examples of previous projects. Finally, make it crystal clear which 2-3 requirements are necessary and which are just bonuses.